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December 15, 2014

इंतज़ार: हम लूटते रहे उन्हें अपना कहकर (Intajaar: Hum Lutate rahe unhe apna kahkar)

शिकायत-ऐ-जिस्म के आँख में नूर बाकि न रहा,
वो आयेंगे रुख्सत-ऐ-दीन पे,  'बंजारा' मुस्कुराता रहा1

कदम भर की दूरी पे आज वो इंसान खड़ा,
मेरी रौ रौ में था पानी, न लरज ही सका1

लाख बीती थी बहारे, मगर उनको तो देखो,
यहाँ जर्जर था किला, वहाँ पत्ता न गिरा1

यूं ही तकते रहे उस दिल-ऐ-सानी को यारो,
नजर उससे जो मिली, देख वो रो ही पड़ा1

बे-दस्तूर की दीवार को गम-ऐ-रास्ता देकर,
हम लूटते रहे उन्हें अपना कहकर1

आज लोटे  है वो दिल-ऐ-सुकूं बनकर,
'बंजारा' लोट रहा जब फूलो की, सेज में बंधकर1

by:आवारा बंजारा 

December 9, 2014

Storm Coming! Storm Coming!

Near the Hills,  
Drizzling just Started,
Rumors' voice was Heavy,
Storm Coming! Storm Coming!
Wisest the God,
Led them Aboard.
Settled in a Valley
One way to enter,
If enemy comes, another to escape.
Chuckling Himself,
Someone fighting to Rain,
Chained himself, 
With thousand tones of Stone.
Day was there,
Storm reached exact there.
Had a fight with man, 
who fought with Rain.
Pushed him A Lot,
But just failed to Get.
Moment was Near,
Smelled peoples' fear.
facing that entrance,
It laughed over the gems. 
Warned to destroy them,
Gave a chance to Run,
How fast, they can.
Number was large, 
with narrower that pass,
People shocked and harassed,
How can come over that Rock?
One way to escape,
Brought them inside a cage.
Velocity in low, 
Can they conquer the storm?
Storm in full, Raised to death,
It was its turn,
Who was ready to hit in single attempt,
For ruin each and every head.
People who left,
Was in sorrow of these Death,
If they follow to him,
There was a another Glim. 


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